Korey Smith

Visuals Director

Korey Smith is the Visuals Director for Scripted in Black. He is an artist in many fields and in many diverse contexts. From poetry, photography, visual and performing arts he has navigated and cultivated his gift and love for the arts. Korey has studied Theatre and Acting at Wright State University. He is in union with his best friend Dorionne, and they have the pleasure of raising four beautiful children. Three boys Levii, Eden, and Sion; and one daughter, Nalani.

Korey has a career as a Project/Facility Manager for the Air Force Research Lab DoD Supercomputing Resource Center; supporting the mechanical and electrical infrastructure and high performance computing systems. It is his belief that his art and craft can be realized in any area that he pursues. He is motivated in life by a quote from a play from the Greek playwright Terrence, “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienium puto”. Translated from latin, “I am human, nothing human is alien to me.”