When SIB thinks of super chill kick back Thursday vibes, we envision a film series featuring just a few of the greatest Black classics + favorites to date. Whether we are learning from the past, relishing in hood politics, or examining the dynamics of friendship, this film series allows us to collectively experience the art of cinema, together. Featuring three Black-owned local businesses and partnering with The Neon Theatre in Dayton allows for mingling amongst the creative community + supporting the local business ecosystem. This movie night series is a chance to celebrate as a community the importance of Black storytelling and the way it honors the multi-dimensional layers of our culture, experience, and perspective. This movie night series is the perfect way to close out a busy work week and step into the weekend with laughs, high vibes, + a little reminiscing on the good old days.

Sponsored By: Westchester Education Services

SIB Movie Night Details

Presented at The Neon Movie Theatre

Featured Business Mixer | 6-7pm
Showtime | 7:15pm

JULY 8TH, 2021

Just Mercy

Featured Business: Dayton Young Black Professionals

JULY 15TH, 2021

Paid in Full

Featured Business: AKenlo

JULY 22ND, 2021

The Wood

Featured Businesses: Flyght Academy + Wright Way Foundation

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